Repairs and Alterations

I can carry out simple alterations in a week or less, for example if you've got a broken zip or a rip in a dress that needs mending. For more intricate dress and suit alterations for special events I prefer to have a fitting at least two weeks before the day of the event, that way if anything needs to be ordered especially there is still time to do so. 

Alterations price list:
Zip repair jeans/skirt £12
Zip repair jacket/dress with lining £18
Trousers take in/let out £12-£20
Dress or skirt take in/let out £10-£25
Suit jacket sleeves shortening £45
Jacket sleeves shortening £30
I can also copy your favourite clothes and work from images to help you create something that you simply can't find in a store.
Made to measure bridesmaid dresses made by me 2013.