Gallery Of My Work

On this page you can find some of my collected work from 2005-2017. If you are interested in getting something made to measure or would like to know more about my work, do feel free contact me via email:

Wedding Dress and Suit Alterations for a Vintage Style Wedding
If you are planning a wedding to go with your own personal style and taste you might find that you've got source made-to-measure services to get exactly what you have in mind. I worked with this beautiful couple when they were planning there gorgeous Gatsbyesque wedding in Bristol earlier this year. For the groom I altered his black velvet suit from a regular to a more fitted look. I worked with the bride to add bespoke pearled sleeves to her wedding dress as well as altering the dress for the perfect fit. We also worked together to make a removable tulle skirt with an art deco style lace trim which I also added to the veil. It's all in the details and I'm always happy to help with ideas to alter a garment or an accessory to feel just right.

Wedding Dress and Suit Alterations
I did the alterations for both this bride and groom before their wedding day. As I've trained and worked for an Italian tailor company I feel confident to carry out suit alterations as well as dressmaking. This lovely bride had thrifted a second hand wedding dress but wasn't happy with the top and some details of the dress so I reworked it for her making the dress fitted and sleek, adding a capped sleep and a french seamed layer of silk chiffon over the top of the original silk dress to create an original dress.

Lavender Bridesmaid Dress
This dreamy bridesmaids dress went all the way to Italy! It is a pattern drafted by me based on the bride and bridesmaids ideas and photos that they brought to the first fitting. This dress is made from two layers; a light layer of chiffon in a halter-neck style and a strapless, fitted silk dress underneath.

Maid of Honour Dress
If you are looking for a one of a kind dress but can't find one that fits or in the exact colour you have in mind? Have it made! I made this lovely emerald green chiffon dress with a wrap front and waist tie for the lovely made of honour who was struggling with finding a dress that fitted the way she wanted. I'm happy to work with photos and ideas to create a garment that both look and feel special to you no matter the special occasion.

Bridesmaids Dresses
These royal blue bridesmaids dresses were made from chiffon and silk, with a gathered sleeve and long skirt. The bride had some photos for inspiration and together we came up with this dress which I hand drafted a pattern for.

White Collar Dresses 2007-2013
For these dresses I used dressmaking books from the 1960's as well as my own bodice blocks to create different details and styles. They are all inspired by films, vintage dresses, school uniforms etc. All of these dresses have different kinds of collars and pockets. 

Summer 2008
Summer dresses with quirky details. I made the patterns for all of these dresses and wanted to experiment with different kinds of techniques and cuts. I love the pink tulle bomb below which consists of 10 layers of gathered tulle. Seven out of these nine dresses were made using fabric bought second hand, I really like reusing material and get inspired by the fabrics that I work with.

Summer 2005
Dresses, tops and skirts designed and made by me when I was in high school. These were the first dresses that I ever made a pattern myself for.