Rosa Shirt Dress Part One

Monday, October 23, 2017

On the first of October I put all of my summery dresses away to make space for some more seasonal pieces. Although I tend to wear most of my handmade clothes all year round, things that doesn't layer well, strappy dresses and most summery prints just end up unworn during the darker months. 
So looking at what I had left on my hangers between the gathered skirts, blouses and jersey tops I saw a gap for long sleeved dresses and sweatshirts.
 Tilly and the Buttons Rosa Shirt/Shirt dress pattern is the answer to my first wish.

This pattern is a nicely semi-fitted shirt/shirt dress with a pointed back yoke and a two-piece collar with stand. I really like the curved hem and nipped in waist as I don't find boxy shapes very flattering on me. 

At first I thought I would make a plain dark denim shirt version but then I started looking for needlecord. Realising that I couldn't find the right shade of blue or purple/plum that I wanted I looked through pictures on Pinterest and felt really inspired by vintage cowgirl shirts and so my plans for a plain shirt dress went out the window.
The fabric I went with is a lovely medium weight cotton from Flo-Jo fabrics in a denim look kind of blue with off-white topstitching thread.
Instead of using coloured piping I cut one side of my fabric's selvedge off to create a fringe. I pinned and staystitched the selvedge before I sewed the back of the collar on. HOT TIP: If you are adding piping to your collar make sure to cut a snip in the piping at the collar point for a neater finish.
Here I've sewn the collar and trimmed the seam allowance with pinking shears before turning it rights side out.
 Shirt collar, front yoke and sleeves in place.
I love the point of the back yoke and the shape the princess panels make.
As a lot of the vintage cowgirl shirts I looked at had quite intricate front yokes I decided to dip the front to a point slightly, instead of having it straight like the pattern has originally. I think it works quite well with the selvedge frill. 
For part two I'm adding some hand-embroidery and buttons!

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