Homemade 20 minute Halloween Costume

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

If you've got no budget or very little time to come up with a halloween costume today, don't go out and waste money on a throw away Halloween costume. For less than £2 and a couple of things found in your home you can put together this maybe not so scary-but very effective-last minute monster sweatshirt!
A couple of weeks ago I made my very first Linden sweatshirt, a lovely sewing pattern by Grainline Studio and in this tutorial I'm using this plain green sweatshirt as a base for my costume. You don't have to make an entire top for this project, simply use any sweatshirt, jumper or even a plain t-shirt that you've got at home. I didn't want to ruin anything in my wardrobe for this quick fix so all steps are fully reversible.
Gather a bunch of buttons in a colour that either matches or is a complete contrast to your base top, these can all be different sizes and patterns. You will also need some sewing thread, a sewing needle and a pair of scissors.
I spent £1.69 on 6 sew on eyes a while back but didn't end up using them for the project I purchased them for, luckily they came in handy for this tutorial. However you could just make your own eyes with some scraps of felt or by sewing a small black button on top of a white one if you haven't got time or can't find any sew on eyes.
Spread the buttons and sew on eyes out on your top, I chose to stick to just the front of the bodice but you can add as many as you like all over. Sew them on one at a time.
 If you've got some sequins and a bit of extra time on your hands you could add a bit of shimmer around some of the eyes.
Here is the end result, a quirky monster/frog jumper that will add a bit of fun to my outfit for today but if I want to wear it again tomorrow (back to plain green again) all I need to do is snip the threads and remove the buttons.

Happy Halloween!

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