Halloween DIY - Felt Poison Bottle

Friday, October 20, 2017

I am a big fan of dressing up and Halloween is one of my favourite events of the year, it's definitely up there with celebrating my birthday and watching Jurassic park hungover on New Year's Day.
As a seamstress I'm always up for making my own costume and this year I've already got my handmade dress (finished on time for once) but I felt like I needed an accessory.
This "Poison bottle" was made from recycled cardboard, felt pieces, fabric scraps and a bit of hand sewing. If you are also planning on going dressed up as Wednesday Addams for Halloween and fancy making this yourself, I've made handy DIY tutorial for you below.
You will need:
  • an A4 sized piece of cardboard
  • a pencil
  • a ruler
  • a hobby knife
  • a pair of scissors
  • dark green felt & scraps of felt in white, black & light green
  • a scrap of white fabric
  • threads in black, white & dark green
  • pins and a needle for handsewing
  • a glue stick and a small piece of paper

First of all I decided to make my bottle a rectangular shape measuring approximately 18cm tall x 10cm wide, with 3cm on either side of the main rectangle so that the bottle comes out as three dimensional. Next mark out 3cm at the top of the cardboard. You should be left with about 1cm of cardboard down one side which you just need for closing the side up (cut it in half if your cardboard is quite thick).
Now score the cardboard with a hobby knife or a pair of scissor, you only want to cut the first layer of card so that you can create the shape for the "bottle". Be very careful not to cut all the way through apart from at the top of the board like the picture shows.
Next mark out the centre of the short sides of the "bottle" and draw two straight lines to create a triangle. To make the sides come together at the top edge cut off 0.5cm.
Fold in the top edge sides and mark out a half circle at the centre of the front and back of the cardboard. Cut it out for this will be the base of the neck of the bottle. You can choose how big or small you want it to be, I went with 2.5cm wide and a radius of 1cm.
Grab a piece of white scrap material, this is the label for the bottle and if you want a more rustic look you could stain this piece with a teabag for a couple of minutes. I only thought about that afterwards but as I would have risked making the cardboard weak if I applied a wet tea bag I opted not to.
Simply draw POISON with a pencil and filled it in with some black thread on a hand sewing needle. Next, measure out a base for the skull and bones on the label on a piece of paper and then cut out the piece in black felt.
I then used the same piece of paper to determine the size for the skull.
Cut the skull and bones out in white felt and hand-stitch them onto the black piece of felt with white thread.
Place the felt piece with the skull above the embroidery on the white piece of scrap and sew it in place with black thread, I kept going back to look at my inspiration photo to try and make it in a similar fashion.
Sew the label onto the green piece of felt but make sure you've measured it against the cardboard piece so that once you've wrapped the base of the bottle with the felt the label sits centre front.
Add some detail in white onto the black felt if you like.
Now for the fun part, when you are happy with your detailing glue the piece of felt to the cardboard using a glue stick. Make sure the label sits straight and centre front.
Glue the bottom of the cardboard pieces together and sew a piece of felt to cover the bottom, either by folding the remains from the side over or simply cut a small piece to size. Thread up a needle with dark green thread and catch stitch or blanket stitch all around the loose edges. Felt usually give a little so if you've got a gap you can simply pull the felt together to cover the cardboard. You should only be left with a hole at the top.
Splash! I added the neck of the bottle by sewing a 5x5cm felt piece together along one side, I then sewed it to the gap of the centre top edge and folded over the top slightly to make it resemble the rim of a bottle top. You can also glue on some light green felt to the corners and top of the bottle to make it more detailed.
There you go, to quote Wednesday- Be strange and unusual.

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